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What Is a Buyer Broker (or Buyer Agent)?

Cape Cod Bay beach in Brewster
The Scoop on Cape Cod Real Estate is dedicated to advising, counseling, and representing people looking for Cape Cod real estate. For all legal and financial matters we refer you to qualified experts in those fields. Using the Internet and email, we will send you information about all properties which meet your parameters and goals as soon as they are listed on the Cape Cod MLS. We can also send you custom digital pictures and videos of specific listings.

Using this information, you can narrow your search without having to physically travel to the Cape. As part of our service, we expect that you will have us show you these properties when you come to the Cape. When you decide to buy, we will represent you in all phases of the negotiation to purchase the property. We give top priority to prospects working with us exclusively, but before we ask for your agreement on this point, we know it is important to meet in person.

As a buyer agent, I must provide you with the following:

Disclosure of all material facts regarding each property
Reasonable care and diligence
 A seller's agent has only one obligation to you: to disclose any material fact that would influence your buying decision. Otherwise, a seller's agent owes the seller the same qualities that a buyer agent owes to you.

And the best part? Buyer agency fees are built into the list price. See the commission published on the listing sheet.

  • SAC=seller's agent fee;
  • BAC=buyer's agent fee;
  • DDA=disclosed dual agency fee.
 If you're ready to get started, or would like more information, just send us an E-mail
or use our form to tell us what you are looking for.

View the Massachusetts Agency Disclosure Form?

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